“Mobile Phone as a telehealth-care Services(MPHS) on Bangladesh: A Study on provider -2

on most of the secondary and tertiary level health services institution govt has started Mobile phone aided health service which can be considered as telehealth.
to know some evaluate this facility a survey is gonna be conducted through this questioneer for academic purpose.this info will not use for other purpose.
this  will highly ensure ur privacy.plz cooperate with answering the whole questions.
tnx in advance

4. Have you got any training from Head Office to manage the mobile phone health services(MPHS)?
6. Do you have any assigned stuff to deliver mobile phone health service?
8. Do you have any initiative to make publicity of the service?
9.If ‘Yes’, what type of technique do you follow? if no then just click down "N/A" word please
10. Is there any record of your clients you have attended?
12. If no, do you have any plan to keep it?
13. Do you think the number of outdoor patients was increasing after running MPHS program?
15. How do you get coordinated with the head office?
16. Do you initiate any report on the prospects of MPHS program?
17. If ‘Yes’, how often?if no then just click on "N/A" word please
18. How does the head office follow up/ keep track on your activities?
19. How frequently are you monitored by higher authority?
20. Have you ever collected feedback from your clients about the existing service?
21. Do you have adequate manpower and equipments to do your activities effectively?
22. Do you have enough equipment as per your requirement?
24. How do you assess the effectiveness of MPHS?
25. Do you have medical assistant available for 24 hours
28. At night time how long the medical health officer is available over phone:
29. Do you have any backup if there is any problem with the mobile phone set?
32. How much the service seekers understand your language?
33. Do you face any technical problem for load-shedding?
34 If ‘Yes’, do you have any backup plan? if no then just click down "N/A" word please
36. Do you receive any support from the local leaders and administration?
39.. If ‘No’, do you think you need their cooperation?

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