A questionnaire about Game of Thrones

This survey might be considered as an invitation for those who took part in the process of watching Game of Thrones and want to contribute by giving their opinion about certain aspects all throughout the show. This TV show is in fact relevant and should raise awareness, because it brings up subsequent questions about the contemporary society that we live in, such as power, loyalty, gender and politics. It should be mentioned that all of the information provided by you will be confidential and by taking part in it you will receive a certain gift associated with Game of Thrones. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by my email at [email protected]. A big thank you to those, who took their time and completed this survey!

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If you were to speculate, for which audience Game of Thrones is mostly suitabable for?
Honestly, do you think that Game of Thrones is worth all of this recognition? If so, please state your opinion
Do you think that the Game of Thrones TV show did a good job adapting the series?
In your opinion, which theme is mostly associated with Game of Thrones?
How would you rate the actors' performances all throughout the show?
If you do not watch the show, you can skip this question
Were you satisfied with how Game of Thrones ended?
Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television. Do you think that it has a rival? If yes, please state your opinion
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