A1A Survey for Veteran Owned Businesses - version #4

Thanks for your consideration in taking this short survey. As a business person, your opinions and experience are invaluable  The information collected will be helpful in providing meaningful information primarily for gathering, writing, and other projects. Your contact information will always be treated confidentially and will not be traded or sold. Please note that every question is optional. Although this is the 2nd edition of this survey we are still learning, from you. All questions are optional, and question # 15 is the most important.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Ray Osborne at [email protected]

or call 321-345-1513

The poll results are private
1) Indicate the branch of service you served in.
2) Are you a Veteran Owned Business Owner?
3) Length of business term
4) Briefly describe your business, you're welcome to use keywords or SIC or NAIC codes. Who your target market is? ie seniors, new home owners etc.
5) What other veteran organizations do you actively participate in.
6) Would you say your company is
7) How would you rate the VA benefits you are receiving?
ExcellentNeutralNeed improvement
VA Healthcare
GI Bill
Vetern Business Counselling
VA Healthcare
8) Any other veteran benefits do you think could be added?
9) What phrase, quote,affirmation motivates you in business? ie: carpe diem,etc
10a) What type of veteran business owner events do you prefer.
10b) What is you level of interest with the following business topics? from 0-4 with 3 & 4 being very interested and 0 no interest. If you feel something should be added here, leave the suggestion at question #15
0) No interest1) Some interest, if nothing else better happening at the time.2) Medium interest I would attend an event on this.3) Interested, I need this information.4) Strong, I could talk on this topic myself.
SWOT Analysis
Business plan writing
Staff retention
Marketing with mail
Website and SEO
Government Contracting.
10c) Would you be willing to be a guest speaker or interviewed ? If so add your contact info in question #15.
11) Size of your company's existing workforce.
12) For business owners only: Do you mention your veteran status in marketing your company's services? Feel free to express your thoughts on this in section 15 of this poll.
13a ) Demograhic info Please input geographical location, ie your city, county or your zip code
13b) What is your age grouping? Senior,Boomer,Gen X, Retired, D/O/B okay,
14) To receive future event and poll requests, enter your preferred contact info; ie:email address,text number, whatsapp. etc?
15) Anything you would like to add? Leave contact info. if you are willing to answer other questions or surveys.