Bookmakers or Betting Exchanges - Find the Value Bet

There are so many different ways to lose your money these days. From casinos to sportsbooks; from bookmakers to betting exchanges; they all have one thing in common - if you are not smart with your investments - you are going to lose more than you win.

Any one can make a selection. It doesn’t matter what sort of selection system you use, if you bet wisely and to a system you can wind up in front. There are of course proviso’s to that statement - you need a large enough bank to sustain a possible long losing streak and you need to the dedication to stick to your system no matter what. Assuming you have a decent size bank and the will to stick to your system, the next option is to maximize your bets. Like everyone else - I want to bet low and win high - of course that is not possible in the long run, but you can do everything possible to get that bet low win high option.

Most individuals look at their favorite betting vehicle, whether it is the horses or sports, make a selection and then place their bets. There are smart ways to place your bets.

You may select team A in the local football match and decide to place a certain sum of money on that team to win. You pop off to your favorite bookie and place your bet - for arguments sake lets say you get 4/6 odds to win. You may feel that those odds are a little thin - you may be able to get better odds elsewhere.

Your first port of call should be an odds comparison site. By comparing odds from several sites you may find you can get 4/5 odds or perhaps better. A smart move that most people do not consider is visiting Your team may be showing 4/6 or perhaps worse on the betting exchange. However, your selections opponent, team B, may be showing evens to lose. Placing a bet on team B to lose at even money is the same bet (with better odds) as backing team A to win.

Consider a betting exchange next time you want to make a bet, you my find that backing the opposition to lose is a good value bet.

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