Car Brands Engagement On Twitter

Hello, my name is Greta and I'm doing a survey about how various car brands communicate on Twitter, engage with their followers, promote their products, etc..

The purpose is to study which posts are the most noticeable and engaging to the audience, as well as which brands come up with best commercials or ways to attract customers. 

This survey is anonymous and not obligatory, however your answers would help a lot in achieving the results for this study and it would only take a few minutes. 

You can see the results once the survey is submitted, but all personal information will be kept confidential. 

If you decide to fill this survey out it will be appreciated and if you have any questions you can contact me on: [email protected]

What is you opinion about car brands advertising, engaging with their audience using Twitter as social media platform? Is it better in some ways then other social media platforms? Or worse? What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
Don’t know
Twitter is not that popular in Lithuania so i dont even have an account in twitter
I don't know
I rarely using twitter and twitter sucks ass tbh.
I don’t have one as I don’t see any
That is a good platform to advertising, as you can get a certification on account use various hashtags, an easy popular platform for car brands to engage with their audience and advertise their products
I don’t see the difference between one social media from another, in any case the main purpose remains the same - advertising the product, thus the consumers can discuss and comment below the product.
Pros- They being more engaging with their audience and trying to be more relatable with them Cons- i dont really see any cons.
I think it’s a good marketing strategy, I think twitter is still one of the best ways to engage with a lot of people at once and attract new followers.
I think there are better platforms than Twitter for this