Dear Respondents,

I am a 3rd year KTM student. I am currently conducting a study on "CHANGES IN LOCAL TOURISM SERVICES DURING THE COVID19 PANDEMIC". The results of the study will be presented as anonymous. Please answer the questions in the questionnaire. Your opinion is very important to me. Estimated duration up to 15 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Are you an adult?
Your gender:
Your age:
Your education:
Marital status:
Social status:
How many times a year have you traveled in Lithuania this year?
Have your travel goals affected by the pandemic?
Where do you plan to travel this year given the current world situation (COVID19 pandemic)?
When do you think you're going to travel around Lithuania in the near future with at least one overnight stay away from home?
Are you interested in how many people have COVID19 in your chosen region before the trip?
For what purpose did you traveled in Lithuania this year?
Where are you looking for local travel information?
How often do the listed factors determine your choice to purchase services while traveling in Lithuania?
Good weather
Reviews from social networking pages
Opinion of colleagues /acquaintances /friends
Good prices
TV influence
What services are most important to you when you're choosing a trip during a pandemic?
Very importantImportantNeither important or unimportantNot very importantNot important
Flight back and fourth
Transportation to hotel
Hotel accommodation
Food service in hotel
Provision of additional services by a tour operator
Transportation rent
Spa, water entertainment services
Interpreter services
How do you buy a travel package?
What services did you purchased when you last traveled in Lithuania?
Who did you spend the most on during your last trip to Lithuania?
Your current travel habits during a pandemic will become:
How has the COVID19 situation in Lithuania affected local tourism?
Do you think that local tourism in Lithuania became more popular during the pandemic?