Companies' information on the Internet and it's accessibility

Many people every day are faced with the problem of lack of information about the companies. People before becoming customers of those specific companies usually tend to search for additional information on the Internet. Though, companies do the same thing while checking the competitors or future partners.
The poll results are private
1. For what purposes do you use Internet?Required to answer
2. How many hours per day do you spend online?Required to answer
3. DO you buy things online?Required to answer
4. Have you ever searched for any company or its products in the Internet?Required to answer
5. Did you contact the company directly or tried to find outside sources that may provide the information you needed?Required to answer
6. If YES, what information did you need?
If none of the above, please identify:
7. Would you join e-community (web network) in order to get access to such information?Required to answer
8. Would you pay money for the opportunity to get the information about the companies that you are interested in and cannot be found anywhere else?Required to answer