Competitiveness Analysis of Hotel Services.

Hello! My name is Rokas Stonius, I am a 3rd year University student studying Hospitality Management at Utena University of Applied Science. This questionnaires purpose is to find out what the public think about competitiveness in the hotel industry and what the public sees when it comes to how a hotel shows its competitiveness among other hotels and their services.

If you have been to more than one hotel, has there been a big difference in each hotel in terms of services?
We usually get the cheapest package, the minimal service has been mostly the same
Somewhat, depends on whether it’s just a place to sleep (if it’s a short trip) or if you were to stay for 2 weeks plus then the facilities and services would matter a lot more if you picked a high star hotel.
Of course. It also depends how many services one uses or on what the purpose of the trip is.
Yeah definitely
Not really
Only one hotel.
I guess there has been
Of course