Competitiveness Analysis of Hotel Services.

Hello! My name is Rokas Stonius, I am a 3rd year University student studying Hospitality Management at Utena University of Applied Science. This questionnaires purpose is to find out what the public think about competitiveness in the hotel industry and what the public sees when it comes to how a hotel shows its competitiveness among other hotels and their services.

If you had to choose one service, which service do you always look forward to when staying at a hotel and why.
I just usually make sure it has much as possible already in the room so I don’t need to pay extra for services
How room is cleaned.
Breakfast service for longer stay’s, it helps to save money and allows the consumer to appreciate more aspects of the hotel if the hotel has a pool or a gym, instead of doing everything outside the hotel.
Complimentary breakfast
Drink service. If a hotel has a good bar, offers variety of drinks and cocktails, if the staff knows their way around it is comfortable and fun and lets me relax.
kindness of employees and helpfulness
Room service. Its always nice to receive your food to your room and also with a lovely staff member who remembers how to smile and take a joke :)
I just go for the nightlife
Restaurants for their unique food and execution.
Relaxation or leisure
I always look forward to services that help with relaxation or sporting activities such as Table tennis, football and so on, because I usually look forward to the services that I go to the hotel for in the first place.