COVID-19 impact on recruitment process

We care about current situation and hope we can ensure that talents feel comfortable with us in our recruitment process. Since all the activities in Metso company are currently held in virtual environment, we would like to know what are the most important factors that need to be met in order to secure smooth and comfortable recruitment process for candidates. 

This questionnaire will only take a few minutes. Please provide honest and truth answers.

Your answers and time is very appreciated! 

Thank you and stay healthy! 

Field I work in/would like to work in:Required to answer
I am currently employed:Required to answer
During quarantine I am working from:Required to answer
I am actively seeking for a job:Required to answer
How does COVID-19 affect my career choices:Required to answer
The most important factors for me in order to join Metso company during quarantine period:Required to answer
Strongly agreeAgreeNeutral
Ability to participate in interviews remotely
Ability to work from home
Tools and equipment delivered to my home
Full support available from team and managers
I have other thoughts and suggestions in regards to previous question:Required to answer