Cultural events favoured by young people

Hey everyone! I would like to ask you a couple of questions for my project! Thank you! 

What do you think about cultural events in Lithuania?
awesome fun
They are good, but should be bigger variety of entertainment.
Cultural events are really important, first of all because they underline and highlight the tradition and the role that a city owns, and second because foreigners can learn more about different countries.
Those cultural events are really fascinating for us foreigners who have a strong desire to become familiar with Lithuanian traditions, customs, culture.
Cultural evets good but we really need more
Most of them are in Lithuanian language so I am not really interested.
They are full of customs and that's amazing
They are great but there should be more of them cause sometimes it is harrd for a foreigner to find out this kind of information
There could be more, I studied in Kaunas but would've gladly gone to Vilnius for a good event (I was an Erasmus there in the previous semester).
Good quality, lots of historical goods, and an amazing atmosphere.
They are really really helpful to integrate into your culture. There I can find crafts, food original and produced in your county only and for me, as a student from a different part of the world it is not only very benefitial but also very interesting to feel the vibe of your culture
They are excellent and unique. I'm always enjoying them
There is too little food. The food that is offered is always the same kind of very very fat, fried, MEAT MEAT MEAT kind of food. Best example: Europos Diena on Gedimino: The different stands didn't even TRY to offer the food of the countries they were supposed to represent.