Cultural events favoured by young people

Hey everyone! I would like to ask you a couple of questions for my project! Thank you! 

Which event impressed you the most? Why?
mid summer
Anal one
Independce restoration day, because it was united celebration. A lot of people sharing same idea.
Carnival Užgavėnės. it is different the way to celebrate the Carnival than in my country
It's hard to choose only one cultural event since every event in which I participated were very stunning but I think the event which impressed me the most was the Fair of Kaziukas. It was beneficial for me as a foreigner to be surrounded by the people from different cultures and their culture, and feel that magical spirit which is hard to describe.
Freshman celebration We travelled around vilnius and we learned lots of things about vilnius
The independence day. It was just so beautiful. I was just shocked how the people love their country.
I liked how you involve foreigners during cultural events especially Uzgavenes, when we've got to dance together make pancakes
Uzgavenes in Rumsiskes with all those crazy costumes
For me it was impressive anything related to local Lithuanian culture since there is so little to see or do
I guess St Casimir fair left the biggest impression on me because there were so many people in the city (although it was freezing cold outside) selling all that traditional stuff like verba and medolis.
Day of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania impressed me the most because the vibe of Lithuanians. It was strongly felt, you know, all that unity and pride
Gates of Yotva (Yotvos Vartai) it's like travelling back in time
UZGAVENES, because the snow was so beautiful in Rumsiskes!