Cultural events favoured by young people

Hey everyone! I would like to ask you a couple of questions for my project! Thank you! 

Do you think cultural events are beneficial or not for young people? Why?
yes great links to the past and spirituality
Yes, they are beneficial because it helps to develop your personality, celebrate their differences while fostering similarities.
It is mostly for young people because it needs energy
They are not for foreigners. I feel like nobody cares about us here. We can just observe what is going on.
Yes as long as they teach youngsters cultural peculiarities and customs
They are beneficial for foreigners too to see your beautiful and to foreigners eye extraordinary culture
We go on Erasmus to explore cultures and meet people (more so than to study somewhere else)
They are beneficial for young people to understand their culture and history better.
Yes, because traditions which are presented during cultural events are being integrated into the young person's minds. From the young age, they are introduced to the history of their beautiful country.
They're extremely beneficial and favoured by young Lithuanians I'd say
Of course they could be beneficial if they were planned with young peple in mind.