Dangers of Electric vehicles

Hey everyone, would like to invite you tu take a part in my research about peoples knowledge of the damage  to the enviroment that electric vehicles (further EV's), and why they are being labled enviromently friendly in the media, despite unknowning the real damage. So, thanks for the answers, i hope that we can learn something from this and hopr, that the future of an electic vehicle will be as bright as media and the governments portrait them

Write down the way to cut down on CO2 from an ev manufacturing process
As you did not provide a space to give you feedback, I will put it here. The cover letter is very informal, does not provide the researcher's name and last name or the e-mail. There are a lot of typos in the cover letter too, which makes it look less professional and does not motivate to take part in the survey. In the question on age, your age intervals overlap. In the question "Define your knowledge on ev's:" the values of the scales are not clear. Other than that, this was a good attempt to create an Internet survey!
The Co2 that is produced doing the progress could be collected and the atoms could be split up.
not creating new materials, but instead use old parts