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Old Fashion English Rose Bushes/English Garden Rose


There are more than sixty varieties of the English Rose. They span nearly every color in the rainbow and are among the most coveted roses by rosarians.


It would be difficult to cover every variety of English Roses in this page, but I will highlight some of the best varieties, giving a few details here and there. It should be enough to what your appetite English Roses.


Some Of Old fashion English Rose Bushes


1. Graham Thomas:

This rose was introduced in 1983 to the rosarian world of English. Known as the most popular butter-colored flower, is loved by one and all. The rose in incomparable to any rose (all about roses with Plant Spot on app store) and the Hybrid Teas is beyond comparison to its rich yellowness that turn paler shortly. The plant turns out to be upright with bushy structure and the stems because of its slenderness need support. The rose has also won James Mason Award of 2000. You will find the Graham Thomas to be a disease resistant rose that has a powerful tea scent as expected from this variety and hint of violet. Though it grows in warmer climates, it has fewer flowers to bloom. The Graham Thomas can be grown as climber.


2. Heritage:

The term “most beautiful rose of English garden” was applied by David Austin and we can see why. The rose has a shell-pink hue and goes on to become white on the edges, and later the petals cup about the center. The rose blooms in a rich bush with many tiny thorns and you can enjoy this Heritage throughout the year. The fragrance is great with several combinations of honey, carnation and fruit and with a classic rose background too.


3. Evelyn Rose:

This rose produces huge roses which are like saucers, the color is peach with hints of yellow and pink on the edges. The fragrance is like old rose and a little fruity scent.


4. Abraham Darby:

This is a strong and energetic rose that is great for creating arches that can adorn your door and an arc like the big apricot-peach flower which can color the edges a pink shade and leaves with a glossy green. The plant is a good disease resistant creeper which gives out heavy scent of fruit.


5. Gertrude Jekyll:

This rose has won award in 2002. Similar to its Portland-rose origin and has rich pink color with thorny bush and for great bloom prune it often.


6. Wild Edric:

The rose plant is known to survive even under harsh climatic conditions and makes it easy and convenient for beginners which make it popular too. Initially it blooms as a pointed purple-and-pink sprouting in a bud that is grown into a semi-double petal rose of deep pink and hints of purple and mauve. You will find the Wild Edric to have scent of classic old rose with watercress and cucumber tinge and the stamens have pure clove scent.


7. Mary Rose:

One of the popular roses which people prefer because of the deep pink roses with light fragrance of old rose and hints of almond and honey. This hard shrub is not susceptible to fungal disease or the winter cold. It blooms in the summer too.


8. Grace:

The rose is an apricot-colored and the petals cup themselves and turn out to be an ideal rosette. The Grace can blend itself with other flowers and with different colors as it an ideal English garden rose. The rose owns a sensuous and warm scent with rich flowers and the whole year is blooming period.


9. Claire Austin:

Interestingly, this white rose is the only one found in the best English roses in this list. The rose is known for its beauty and toughness that can face harsh climatic conditions and diseases. The rose has creamy and large petals and has a fragrance of heliotrope, meadowsweet and vanilla mix



The color of this rose is a deep pink bloom and is a true old English rose, though practically speaking it is vulnerable to rust, mildew and black spot. Interestingly, the rose never grows in bunches, but you will also never find its plant devoid of flowers. The Mayflower grows in full and is sparse in foliage as compared to the roses of other types.

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