Evaluation of the attractiveness of Kaunas city for tourists

Dear, Respondents

I am a 3rd year student of Kaunas College, Faculty of Management and Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management program. I write a final thesis on the evaluation of the attractiveness of Kaunas city for tourists. This form will help to find out who attracts tourists to Kaunas city and who makes it attractive. The questionnaire is anonymous. The data collected will be confidential and used exclusively for scientific purposes. Your opinion is very important. Thank you in advance!

Have you ever visited Kaunas?Required to answer
If so, how many times have you visited Kaunas?
What architectural objects do you think are the most attractive in Kaunas?
What natural objects are most attractive to you in Kaunas?
How does Kaunas stand out from other Lithuanian cities?
How do you rate Kaunas city transport and transport accessibility?
What impression do you have on Kaunas city accommodation establishments?
How do you rate Kaunas city catering establishments and services?
How do you rate the use of Kaunas city attractions in tourism?
Are there enough exhibitions, events, fairs in Kaunas city to attract as many locals and tourist as possible?
What impression did you have on the image created by Kaunas city?
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