Fatigue risk assessment at the cargo airline

We are interested in how your working conditions affect your health, independently of other factors usually associated with health outcomes. 

1. How many years have you been actively working as a pilot?Required to answer
2. What is your ageRequired to answer
3. What is your rank?Required to answer
4. What type of service are (mainly) provided by the airline where you are currently employed?Required to answer
5. Do you fly..?Required to answer
6. Your flights are..?Required to answer
7. What is your relationship with the airline you currently work for?Required to answer
8. Do you have paid holiday?Required to answer
9. Are you compensated for taking sick leave/reporting unfit?Required to answer
10. In general, how many BLH per month do you fly?Required to answer
11. I find that I receive my roster early enough to be able to plan my life outside of workRequired to answer
12. My roster and working days are planned in such a way that I can comply with safety policies and procedures during the dayRequired to answer
13. My roster and work are planned in such a way that I can recover from work during my free timeRequired to answer
14. My roster and work are planned in such a way that I can get enough sleep before flight dutyRequired to answer
15. Do you feel you have recovered and are thoroughly rested when you start work?Required to answer
16. Do you feel tired during your working time?Required to answer
17. Over the last six months, or since you returned to work, how often did you have sleep-related problems?Required to answer
18. My sleep is worse before working days in contrast to non-working daysRequired to answer
19. During the last six months have you attended work despite being unfit for other reasons such as fatigue/mental health/family problems or other issues?Required to answer
20. I believe it is realistic that nowadays one is easily fired because of times of absenceRequired to answer
21. In general, how confident do you feel to report fatigue in the company you worked for most in the last 3 months, (or since you started working)?Required to answer
22. Do you feel pressure to not report unfit to fly?Required to answer
23. In the last month that you worked (or since you started working), how frequently did you experience reduced capability due to fatigues, stress, ilness?Required to answer
24. Do you think that the company you work for has all measures to prevent you from going to work fatigued?Required to answer