Female Travelling

I'm collecting data for a current project I'm working on, to identify the main reasons and concerns that females don't travel and what would make them feel safter in doing so. 

What would make you feel safer if travelling alone? This can include a list of personal possessions
I don't feel safe travelling alone but if I was to I would have to have my phone, cash, cards, ID, and saftey devices/self defense tools.
Knowing what areas are definitely safe for women from women who have previously travelled there Maybe a tracker for family to know exactly where I am A trusted person in the area to know where I am Standard safety things such as panic alarm and other defence items (depending on what is legal in that area)
Some sort of weapon, rape alarm, pepper spray
Knowing there’s people like I can meet up with in a safe group rather than just the unknown. Knowing there are safe spaces to store my personal belongings
Some kind of legal weapon
Access to wifi, maps, recommended places to go that people can vouch for being safe or the opposite, like for example if a club is known for spiking people maybe there’s a review section that advises you to not go there. Rape alarm. Book with what to do in an emergency for each country, like who you contact. Padlock. Charger.
Phone, good maps app
Pepper spray for emergencies Phone, charger, good signal
Weapon, torch, phone
Meeting up with groups of other young people in different countries
Phone with signal and data for maps
Having everything booked in advance and letting people at home know where you’re staying, meeting others who are also travelling alone, portable phone chargers, door locks
Connection to home I.e wifi/phone
Phone Money Shearing location with family/friends at all times Touch (at night) Whistle Knowing the language of the place visited Pepper spray
Possessions such as a rape alarm, or emergency number for females in crisis. And someone always knowing my whereabouts.
Knowing there is someone to contact or ask for help
Well lit public areas physical presences of staff / security signs in English in a foreign country
rape alarms, safety tools, wifi to connect to home
Ensuring I can tell people where I am at all times
Increased education aimed toward young boys and men on how to leave women alone… Rape alarms Easy access contact to emergency services Communities where lone travellers can interact
Bum bags so you’re possessions can’t be easily stolen, a rape alarm is reassuring to have as a female!
Attack alarm Find my friends for iPhone Pick pocket proof clothing / extra hidden pockets Water purifier VPN Dummy wallet Device to lock hotel door Power bank First aid kit Emergency contacts Spare cash or card
• An app that can alert my emergency contacts if I find myself in a dangerous situation • Google translate if I’m in a place where English isn’t widely spoken • The little pharmacy I keep in my handbag! • A portable phone charger so that I’m never stuck without a way to communicate/navigate
An online community of others travelling around the same areas as me
Being with somebody, having accommodation booked prior and knowing exactly where I’m travelling to.
Spare bank card & dummy phone
Knowing the places I’m staying are really well known between my friends n family so I know they’re safe n reliable.
Having some sort of self defence tool for emergencies… (pepper spray or a horn to alert others) I’ve travelled alone though and I was fine!
I don’t think anything would make me feel safe alone, I would have to go with a group.
Not sure id travel alone for this reason but if I were to then a phone, location tracking, first aid kit
Always having a working phone and number to contact home
Mobile phone, knowing there’s other people in the same position, door lock
Meeting with an organised group/guide, any self-defence devices or classes, basic knowledge of local language in case you need help
Pepper spray Know self defence
I think meeting up with people throughout as I would feel safer in a group. I would rather stay at nicer places as I would feel safer and knowing that you have a base. I also think having ‘find my friends’ is good when travelling and letting my friends and family have that
To be honest, I don’t think anything would
Access to WiFi SIM card that works across several countries A knowledge of scams that happen in the countries you’re visiting Facebook groups for other travellers
Free roaming on phone all around the world
Things that can be used in self-defence eg rape alarms etc. Sad to think you might need it but I definitely think it would be a necessary precaution.
Locks etc
Phone (personally would like a satellite phone so it can work no matter what) Alarm Male company!
Phone Power bank Alarm
An app with contacts/ people doing the same to be in contact with. More help for travellers, places to go etc. Some kind of alarms that you can carry, apps that keep you safe.
Having a fully secured room and like a platform where you can find people in similar situations
less scary and predatory men pepper spray general self defence weapons map mobile
Having a room to myself (not having to share with strangers), somewhere safe to store my valuables, a good door lock, an alarm
I’m scared to travel alone
a list of emergency contacts, first aid kit, medication
A tracker and maybe an alarm
Pepper spray Rape alarm with GPS tracking
A mobile phone, buying a sim or data over there and definitely a portable charger which is a must. A rape alarm too. Maybe a lock for my suitcase. Some spare change and cash, bank cards