Final Major Project

Hey! Before starting, I wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for accepting my request to be a part of the path that I chose. It is a FINAL PROJECT, and I really need your help. This survey is going to ask you about thriller genre in films, what you know and expect from it.

What do you think is the difference between THRILLER and HORROR?
Don’t know
Thrillers are less predictable and usually try to hold tension throughout, whereas horror aims for a climax
Thriller has more suspense and action and might not scare you but horror can be slow but still sacrry
I think thriller movies have more of a consistent plot, the story can exist without being scary. Horror movies are only there to scare you and the plot is less important/ cohesive.
In the thriller there is action. The horror is not characterised with action and one scene can go very slowly whereas thrillers have certain dynamism.
Horror is more gorry and graphic whereas thriller is jumpscares and focus more on the atmosphere e.g suspense, surprise etc.
Thriller is suspenseful and horror shows the gruesome stuff
Thriller films gives you suspense and we are thrilling to know what's gonna happen in the next seconds. Also, we can't predict the end. The colour palettes are changing most of the time according to the mood and the scenes. But when it comes to horror, most of the time plot can be predicted and gives us surprises with ghost/creature appears .
Horror is basically only scary and spooky and insane and fearfull (saw, texas chainsaw masaker,...) Thrillers are less scary (thats the best explaination i have)
Thriller is more psychological and suspense, horror is more gore and jump scares
horror is only visual, thriller is mental
Horror creates a scared feeling whereas thriller is more intense