German Bread in Indonesia

This survey has been developed by students of Hochschule Koblenz - University of Applied Sciences RheinAhrCampus in Remagen, Germany.

It is part of the course "International Logistics Management" in which the students simulate a company to support real non-profit companies to gain first international experience. This year the course aids a charity company namely HMP-Consulting.

HMP-Consulting has initiated numerous charity projects as help for self-help including developing systems for water supply in rural areas. Now it is looking at supporting a start-up of a German bakery called "Brotfabrik" in Indonesia. The results will be taken to get started with that project.

Please complete the survey. It will only take you about 5 minutes. We ensure that the collected data of this survey is anonymous. Lateron we will share the results as little thank you for your efforts.

These poll results are private
The poll results are private
Your gender?
Your age?
Your Nationality?
What kind of food do you prepare?
Your choosen food is ..
What type of bread do you favour?
Would you have sit-down coffee in bakery
Where do you buy your bread?
how often do you shop at bakery?
Are you open to trying new bread varieties?