Hairdresser's service quality

How many hairdresser´s do you vist per year?
If your answer to the first question was 1, Would you be open to changing you hairdresser´s
If your answer to the first question was 1: How long have you been going to the same hairdresser´s
2. How often do you go to the hairdresser’s?
What is the average quantity of money do you spend on hairdresser´s each time ?
How important is for you to find in a haridresser´s the following aspects (1=No important; 5=Very important)
Local (cleanliness,lights,atmosphere...)
Quality of the proffesionals (hairdresser)
Quality of the products (shampoo,soap...)
Treats of employees
Prices of the service
Loyalty Cards (promotions, discounts...)
What kind of services do you think a hairdresser´s should offer?
How much money would you spend in a hairdresser´s that would offer all the services that you wish?
Please, Inicate your gender
Age category (age group)
Current situation
Income level per month