How Ludwig Ahgren communicates on Twitter

Hello! My name is Gabrielė Baravykaitė and I am a second-year student of New Media Language in Kaunas University of Technology. I am conducting research about Twitch Streamer Ludwig's interactions on Twitter and also how his fans react to his content/streams on Twitter. With a growing fanbase, the streamer usually interacts with his viewers mainly on Twitch. With this research, I am trying to understand how his fans try to interact with him on other social media platforms, not just on Twitch.
The survey is not obligatory and the results will be anonymous. 
Thank you in advance for participating!

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Where do you think the fans could interact more with the streamer?Required to answer
Do you think Ludwig is more passive interacting with his fans on Twitter?
Do you think that the fans will continue to interact with the streamer, despite of him being inactive on other social media platforms?Required to answer
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