How relevant is the TV show Euphoria in Lithuania?

I'm a second-year Bachelor's student at KTU conducting research about communication online. I'd like to invite anyone to take part in my research project about a popular American TV show Euphoria by filling out this survey, especially those who are familiar with this show. As this tv show has gained a lot of popularity in English-speaking countries, particularly in the US, it has also spread internationally. With this research, I'm trying to analyze how relevant and popular this show is and what influence it may have had on online communication. 

The survey results will be anonymous, so confidentiality is ensured. Thanks in advance to everyone who decides to take part! 

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Have you noticed more posts online about the tv show or the topics depicted? If so, how and what were people talking about?
most love euphoria . it’s real-life if you really understand the shit like a lot of families go through it. and it’s showing her and her friends being teens too. I personally like it but I also support it because of zendaya and she’s a good actress. she really did her shit w this. you should watch It. first season was my fav tho
People say it's almost like a visual novel. Surface level wise I get why some people are turned off about teenage problems but as a father to a tween and tbh I see many adults act the same way that many categorize as “teen angst,” with that said it feels like a deep dive into a root and possible cause of long term leading problems and how what we do mirrors on to our children in the future. I personally love it and find it very thought provoking if you get passed it’s surface level stuff.
The show is not for everyone despite its huge viewing numbers. That should be the first thing I should say about the show.
It’s graphic, and deals with extremely mature and strong subjects that could be triggering to some. Also visually it’s absolutely stunning. Some say it is boring but I wouldn't say that it’s just another boring teenage show. I wouldn’t even say it’s a show for teenagers to watch
that it was a Skins ripoff. it's one of those shows that tries to be all-out edgy and cool but in doing so sacrifices all quality. Many, me as well, found it incredibly boring and depressing.
Yes, I've seen some TikToks, reels or ads.
People say It’s unlike any other ‘teenage show’. Definitely doing its own thing in an interesting way.
me and other people feel like the storyline is too repetitive and boring. i don’t care about the protagonist (her only personality traits is just having an outburst every 10 seconds or standing in the corner looking edgy), i don’t care about the other characters either (overly obnoxious and kinda dull), don’t like how it inaccurately represents teens (not surprised because what teen show doesn’t do this?) and i hate how it tries hard to be eerie and mysterious. the acting is good but the characters are unbearable and boring.
imo its a bit boring. but i only watched two eps from season 2. it´s too edgy and dark for my liking. i feel like i´m over this dark emo phase of my own so problematic teens arent that appealing to me anymore. one episode to me felt very boring, like there was no substance at all, just visuals. idc about rue at all. she wants to be a drug addict and its been made clear, so why should i care?
The posts online were making fun of something in the show ( hair cuts for example), some posts were some kind of montage, maybe suggesting that some people relate to certain characters. Others made general comments about the depiction of drug use and age differences between the characters in relationships.
People talk about how good cinematography, editing, and actors are, but characters leave little to be desired. A bunch of zombie/druggie,and sex induced hour long vacuous loop. It’s alarming when there’s a large audience of people entertained by something so vacuous and non-progressive in most aspects.
Yes, people often say that there is way too much nudity and sexualized scenes
Yes, people are loving this show. They say there's lots of great cinematography and performances across the board
there’s a section of the audience that doesn’t really like it. Might be the nudity, however many of the characters’ situations and dilemmas are very relatable. Many people complain that the characters are constantly placed in very dramatic situations, this is just a plot device used in almost every drama to keep the viewer entertained. Some say it is glamorizing drug use.I simply can’t agree with the statement that it glamorizes toxic behavior because if we go buy the definition of glamorizing, the show does the complete opposite in many situations.
People think it’s wonderfully written and acted but it is not meant for children. Many enjoy it immensely and wonder how many teens are dealing with these kind of things in schools right now.
People were mostly making jokes about the absurd thematics of the show or criticizing it for poorly depicted social matters.
Yes, people were talking about the relationship of Rue and her mother, the drug abuse problem, the unrealistic clothing and makeup from the show
People discuss substance abuse and toxic relationships portrayed in the show
I heard talks how the show had sexual things in it. I haven't watched the show, so I can't confirm.
Not really
Yeah, I noticed some posts on TikTok but overall this show is not for me, so I guess I'm not the target audience of it. Therefore, I didn't see that many posts
yes. relationships and drugs, addictions
Yes, I have. They are talking how good this tv show is and I also notice some scenes from it
Yes, I noticed a lot of videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook posts. A lot of people were excited about the show, talking about how they relate to certain characters or how they would like to be more like them. There were also quite a lot of posts talking about the potential harms of the show as it touches upon some sensitive topics, such as mental health issues, violence, sexual abuse, and addiction. Some were saying that the show may romanticize those issues. Some say that the show depicted those issues accurately. Also, some people were warning that the show may trigger some people and others confessed that it has.