Impact of influencers marketing on business brand communication

The objective of this survey is to understand how big of an impact newly developed influencers marketing strategy has to businees brand communication, are poeple aware about such marketing strategies and what are their opinion reagrding such topic.

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What is your gender?
How old are you?
What is your education level?
What devices you use most?
How often do you use social media?
Which of the following online sites do you frequently visit? (Tick all that apply.)
On which of the following sites are you subscribed to or follow celebrity or popular accounts? (Tick all that apply.)
How many influencers do you follow on social media?
What thing influence you to follow business brand profile on social media the most?
Select the amount you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeN/AAgreeStrongly Agree
I often make purchases based on online reviews or recommendations from an influencer.
I discover new trends by following influencers on social media.
I'm more likely to try a new brand if my favorite influencer recommends it.
I seek out reviews on social media before making a purchase.
I am less likely to trust a product review or recommendation if it is sponsored content (i.e. it is a paid advertisement).
Please answer the following:
I have purchased a product/service after seeing it in an influencer's post.
I have followed a brand directly from an influencer's post.
I have unfollowed a social media account because they post too much sponsored content.
I have followed an influencer just for the product discount.
I would pay more for a product endorsed by my favorite influencer.
How many purchases have you made in the last year due to an online recommendation from an influencer?
Which of the following items would you consult an online recommendation from an influencer before purchasing? (Tick all that apply.)
Are you aware about marketing type, business brands are using more often today which is called influencers marketing?