Importance of Managing Technology and Innovation

Please mention your total experience as a manager
Do you think that managing technology and innovation is essential for the organisation
Do you think that innovation and technology is effective to increase the firm's productivity?
What is the level of effectivenessof the technology and innovation management processes within your organisation?
Do you agree that technological changes in the recent years demand for better change and innovation management processes in the organisation ?
What is the most crucial area in Toyota to produce innovation ?
Do you agree that the effective implementation of innovation and technology is essential to increse the growth rate of a company ?
Do you think that technology and innovation continuously upgrade the quality of the products ?
Do you agree that technology and innovation help to meet the consumer demand in a better way ?
Do you think that team management and collaboration help in change and innovation management ?
In your opinion, what are the benefits of using advance technology in toyota ?
Please discuss the impact of technology and innovation in auto-mobile industry ?
What are the effective strategies to manage the change in technology and innovation in your organisation ?