Innovation in UAB "MANTINGA"

My name is Rugile and Im the last year student in Vilnius University of Applied science. My study program called creativity and business innovation. At the moment Im writing my final thesis and doing a research about UAB "MANTINGA"
I would be more than happy if you will fill up this short survey :)

Is ‘MANTINGA’ an innovative company? Please, explain your answer
hey hey hey
Taip, nes nuolat tobulina ir atnaujina taipsavo produkciją
neisivaizduoju, nes nieko apie sia imone nezinau
On theese days the most important thing is low price
Variety of products in new line
At some point no. They use plastic packaging and a lot of cardboard/paper.
I do not know
"Mantinga" is not really innovative company, but looks like they are trying to be one.
Yes. They are offering new and high-quality products.
Daug naujovių ir sparčiai plecia savo versla
Yes. many new products
I don't have a straight answer, but this company looks pretty innovative due to its delicious products
Pretty much as they keep offering new stuff
Yes, because they often makes new products. Products of this company are all over the country
It was several years ago, but not anymore as their work might be not that recognizable.
explain your answer
I have no information about the company
Tikrai taip, mantinga turi labai daug produkcijos kuri yra tikrai labai populiari, kokybiska ir lengvai prieinama. Kiek teko girdeti gamtbos priemones ir irengimai yra modernus ir naujoviski.
Penguins in Madagascar like Mantinga!
Yeah it sure is. The new branding for company is simply astonishing. The main reason is that they have changed whole package of their products. When you take it in your hand it doesn't feel cheap and makes you think that you bought something that is this moment made. Of course the taste of products are simply just like a new heart beat. Taste is balanced, you do not need anything to add.
Kind of
Yes, because with years they grow up with new ideas, products and others what makes them popular company
Taip, del to kad gamina aukstos kokybes gaminius
Yes, plenty new products, wide export to other countries all over the world
Mano nuomone, si imone labai inovatyvi, plecianti rysius, didinanti asortimenta, nuolat pristato nauju produktu ir idomiai juos pateikia pirkejams.
I think yes, they have many products and still can surprise customers
Yes. Because they create many interesting products every year
I don't have the opinion about this company, because i don't like their products and i don't know this company very well to answer this question.
Taip, nes vis tobulinasi.