Market research poll for Logo design.

The purpose of this poll is to get feedback for a Logo we're having designed. The idea is to use an animal in the logo design for a health insurance agency. Please choose the type of animal that would beckon you to click a link to learn more.


A1A Research, Inc

Ray Osborne

Any reason why you chose that animal?
Dolphins are a protective animal
Because it would be like, a wise choice (owls = wisdom) to have health coverage.
The wisdom to see all aspects of health related issues and how to heal them.
Owls represent wisdom (which for me, ties into protection)
As opposed to the other options and they are supposed to be smart
Eagles seemed like a good fit. They soar high. They nuture their younger ones. They've got leadership traits.
Dolphins have been used to save lives during the cold war and I think about their life saving capabilities.
well eagles are the symbol of protection and represent America. Health is key to pinpointing the reason or patient is sick, xrays, eagle vision, to me is a good representation.
Owls are considered to be wise.
Dolphins are friendly animals and also very cute, so I would be curious to click on it.
Turtles live a very long time and have a protective shell.
The eagle to me represents strength and stability.
An eagle to me represents strength. I believe it is the most trustworthy and dependable animal. With the health of the ocean in disarray, I don't feel like a sea creature conveys trust, health, dependability (e.g., dolphins are fun and clever etc).
The dolphin is playful
I don’t see any of these animals representing health related protection.