Most Spiritual African Gospel Artist 2019

Vote for the most spiritual African gospel artist for  2019 whose music ministry have blessed you in one way or the other. Be true in your voting no bias. Please also note that BOT Voting or Automated Voting is under an embago.  If you are found violating our rules, your votes will be discarded and you will have to start over from zero. We came out with this platform just to help and promote Africa gospel music and know that God is putting in His all to see to it that His word is preached through songs to the whole universe. We focused only on Spirituality, spirit filled songs, good quality songs, songs rich in the word of God. God be our witness that we cheat no one. Be free to ask question and you are not allowed to vote more than one time or more than one artist. You can visit our website HERE

Who is the most Spiritual African gospel artist?