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NBA Rankings - Week 3


Rank the teams in each conference from 1 (best) to 15 (worst). These are not rankings based on who you think will be in the playoffs. These are rankings based on the current state of the conferences, how a team has played that week and how that ranks against other teams in the conference.


The 50/50 rule. The 50/50 rule is where you rank the teams based on the following criteria: 50% on what has happened to a team that week (wins and losses, injuries, changes in the roster or coaching staff, and any baby mama drama) and 50% on what that means going forward (whether these events are a positive or a negative for the future).

(Here is what I used as an example for week 2: the Lakers have not been playing inspired basketball of late, their chemistry is off and their recent coaching change is not good for team stability, and if you feel that this trend will continue you would rank them low (maybe 13/15). But if you feel that you saw signs of improvement this week (they went 2-1), that going forward their new coach will help them win more games, that things in general are improving compared to the other teams in the conference, you would rank them high (maybe 2/15). You would then mentally average this out and rank the Lakers 8th in the West.)


Please use the 50/50 rule for all your rankings. If you feel you don't know enough about a team, have a gander at their page and see what's going on. Here is some additional information for your rankings: scores and schedules and conference standings.

The poll results are private

The poll results are private

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