Politics: the problems of integration of British Muslims in Great Britain

This is a questionnaire designed to analyze the problems of integration of British Muslims in Great Britain and it investigates only the ethnic group of British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, please fill in this questionnaire. If you are British of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, please do not hesitate and fill in this questionnaire. This material will be used as a research basis in the BA thesis.
1. How do you think if British of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin have the problems of integration?
If yes, what are they connected with?
2. Due to which reasons they do manual work more often than British of AfroAsian or Chinese origin?
3. Do they have the same accommodation conditions as other British ethnic minorities?
If no, then why?
4.What British ethnic minorities most often confront with discrimination? a.Applying to work.
b. A possibility to occupy the places of professionals, managers or employers.
c. A possibility to develop ethnic culture and traditions.
d. A possibility to achieve better accommodation.
e. Other
5.Do they have equal possibilities to achieve the same education as Whites, Indians, Chinese, etc.?
If no, then why?
6. What origin, nationality and race are the majority of your friends? Please specify:
Are all the members of your family of one nationality?
7. When you choose your friends is his/her origin, nationality important for you? Why?
8. How do you see the future of ethnic minorities in British society?
8.How could British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis be helped to be better integrated into society?
9. Please indicate a. your age
b. Sex:
c. Education
d. Profession
e. Residence type (City, district centre, countryside), please specify:
f. Nationality (nationalities)