Dear friends, I, Aleksandra Ivanova (2nd year student of the faculty "Business and technology"), would like to conduct a survey for my research work on the importance of using staff motivation in work.  The purpose of the study: to study and analyze the preferences of methods to stimulate employees of organizations. I would be very grateful if you could answer all the questions in the questionnaire. The survey is anonymous.

from what you get the most satisfaction in your work?
from what you get the most satisfaction in your work?
Tick off how satisfied you are with different aspects of the work:
satisfiedmore satisfied than not satisfieddifficult to answermore not satisfied than satisfiednot satisfied
size of wages
work mode
the variety of work
the need to address new challenges
independence in work
opportunity of promotion
sanitary and hygienic conditions
level of organization of work
relationships with colleagues
relationship with the director
What attracts you in your work?
In your opinion, the best manager is a manager who shows interest in employees and has an individual approach to each(please, choose one answer)
To what extent on a five-point scale the following factors affect your work activity
material stimulation
moral stimulation
administrative measures
team mood for work
economic innovations in the company
general socio-economic situation in the country
fear of losing your job
When do you achieve great success in your work?
Please select the 5 most important job characteristics listed below for you
Why do you think people take the initiative and make various proposals in the course of their work? (Select multiple answers)
If you are offered another job in your organization. Under what condition would you agree to that? Give one option answer.
Please rate the level Of your work activity in %
Extremely low level of work activity
High level of work activity
Want to change jobs?
if in the previous question you answered "yes", then explain why? If you answered "no", then proceed to the next question
How long have you been working on your last job?
Your gender
Your age