Services of hotels and guest houses

Hello, my name is Luke, I am writing a Bachelor's degree dissertation on the hospitality service of the organizations of consumer satisfaction. I would like you to respond to the questions below, thus contributing to the improvement of the service quality all over the world. Thank you!

P.S. In additional information section, please write down your age and monthly income.

Have you stayed in a Hotel or Guest House?
Select the number of stars organization you visited had? (If you had more than 1, choose the most usable personally)
Where are you from?
What countries have you visited?
Select the satisfaction level of your stay ( 1 to 7)
How much you agree with the statements?
the Interior was appealing
staff pleasant and professional
The higher level (4-5 stars) the price of the Organization required to represent the highest quality
A quality of services was worth the money you have paid
Professional service is much more important than the hospitality organization's internal and external environment
Hotel room was clean and maintained
The staff quickly respond to customer needs
The staff is caring and want to make the customer feel good
The experience gained from using hotel services meets the expectations held before
I recommend any hotel to friends and acquaintances only if:
I would not recommend an organization if:
In a hotel or guesthouse I personally felt a cultural discrimination
Additional information you would like to add: