Social networks and young people: opportunities and risks

Hello, I am second year VMU student of business finance. The goal of this survey is to find out what kind of opportunities and what kind of risks people come across in the social network. This survey is anonymus and results will not be published anywhere but presented in a scientific research. Thank you for your time and anwsers.

Have you ever got something valueable from social network? (a thing, someone saw your ability to sing/dance etc., income). Describe it.
Internship. Just scrolled through one organization's social media, few days later their sponsored ad reached me eith calls for internship
No i will not
Yes, I have got a lot songs which has a huge meaning for me and my past.
The only valueable thing I got from social networks is information.
Yes, I post my CS:GO highlights on Twitter and the feedback is very encouraging!!!
Yes, news and opinions. Also following some people helps to find opportunities, events and info.
Information. Things from online shops
In a contest i've won two tickets to a concert
Yes, found a lot of useful things
Information. A lot of general news from different sources are gathered and shown in one social media platform, so it is useful, I do not need to go to different sources to gather different pieces of the information I'm interested in.
Galima greitai susirast reikiamą medžiagą studijoms, yra podcastų, kuriuose kalbama apie psichologinį tobulėjimą ir t.t.
Yes , i have gotten valuable information about sports from social media.
I can find there the latest news
yes, someone saw my paintings
Good memes - good for mental health
Yes, I got some helpful information about many things
I married my husband. I met him on Tinder.
Yes ,I was/am a scammer.
acknowledged many political things
I started my photo model career just because of being seen in social media. Also I won a lot of giveaways.
I have got money
Yes, my hobby for writing was seen on the Internet once or twice.
How bad Trump is
Yes, I've been invited to play with my group in a bar in Vilnius.
Yes, people who follow me instagram asked for a photoshoot few times
Yes I got some money from live-streaming on the internet.