Social/Policy Labs at Higher education institutions


We - Prof. Katri Liis Lepik and Dr. Audrone Urmanaviciene (Tallinn University) are conducting research in the framework of COST ACTION 18236 "Multi Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change" about Social/Policy Labs (hereafter- Labs)  at Higher education institutions (hereafter- HEIs) and COVID crisis. The aim is to reveal how COVID 19 affected Labs' activities and impact creation. 

We would like kindly ask you to answer this online survey. Thank you for your time and cooperation!

Kind regards,

Prof. Katri Liis Lepik and Dr. Audrone Urmanaviciene

School of Governance, Law and Society, Tallinn University


5. How has COVID-19 impacted your organization’s activities? Please explain it:
work from home
It has impacted on activities in time, less in content. That means we have to postpone things because there are no off-line meetings and online meetings are not always effective when innovation and decisions are needed. Networking is very difficult with this pandemic.
The switch of the main informative/ awareness raise activities into online mode decreased the participation. Difficulties into attention and motivation attraction.
We do not have direct contact any more.
We switched to on-line teaching.
Everything has stopped.
We had to digitalize our activities but apart from that received a lot of support from our funding partners (Postcode Lotterie, Heidehof Stiftung) and grow faster than ever!
Bad, very bad, closed, nof moving, online everything.
Restricted some Lab Activities
Limiting the activities and more reactions online
home office
all the activities are on-line
We are mostly online and contacts with students, colleagues and industry for research is more difficult. Training activities and workshops are not so easy online even we have tried hard.
No activities have taken place since March 2020. All lab activities have been suspended while teaching has been held online.
Nearly all of diverse group members can be considered as people at high risk for COVID. Therefore, we have been organizing all meetings and events online since March 2020. Fortunately, this is not only a hurdle, but rather a possibility to us, because the online platforms make meeting and events more accessible in many ways (i.e. there is no need for accessible transportation and locations).
It will be working in june 2021
Changed all meetings to online ones, which inhibits to some extent collaborative creativity. Precluded access to more powerful computing equipment, limited access to research subjects, both people and organisations.