Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

Hello, my name is Augustinas. I'm a second-year student of New Media Language study program at the Kaunas University of Technology. I am conducting research on the spread of information on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflct on social media, what is the public's opinion on the conflict itself and the trustworthiness of the information people read or see on social media platforms.

The survey should take 2-4 minutes to complete. I encourage you to answer the questionnaire as honestly as possible, as the responces to the survey are 100% anonymous.

If there are any questions, insights or concerns regarding this survey, do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

Thank you very much for your participation.

What opinions do you mostly see on social media regarding this conflict?
That Ukraine is the victim and they fight for their right to be independent. And Russia is an aggressor
Ukraine win
Most of the people I see on social media are backing the Ukrainians. However if you dig deeper you can dre a lot of Russian propoganda. Especially on a platform such as Twitter.
Mostly negative.
Ukraine is fighting for whole Europe’s destiny and Russia is a shithole
Either pro-russian, or pro-ukrainian. Maybe neutral-sided too.
Mostly that Ukraine survives solely on NATO support
A lot of contraversial opinions, but a lot of true ones too.
support for ukraine
Pro-Ukrainian or anti-beast
Mostly - really bad thoughts about Russia and russian language
Different range of opinions, but mostly people supporting Ukraine
That Russia is a terrorist state for doing what they are doing
Bad news and support
Mostly hating russians and Putin
Pro ukraine
Domina tik realijos ir karo analitikų įžvalgos.Šiaip žmonių nuomonės nedomina.
Ukraine positive and Russia negative. I do not see vice versa a lot in Czech Republic.
Hate on Russia, big support on Ukraine
Russia is the aggressor, inhuman cruelty, various aid to Ukraine, the issue of refugees. The care and help of the whole world. European aid to Ukraine and joining NATO.
That ukranians are lazy and whant everithing for free
I often hear that russian soldiers are killing innocent citizens
Against the war
Prowestern and prorussia, proukrainian are missing because for ukrainians the best thing would be to end the conflict asap.
That ukranians are the only ones who suffered form russian opression
Russia being a terrorist state and Ukraine pushing back as of lately.
That Ukraine does nothing wrong and ruzzia does all wrong. And the hopes that Ukraine will win! I hope they do.
ruzzia bad, Ukraine heroes
People support Ukraine
Whether to support russia or Ukraine
Russia is a terrorist country
I mostly see donations, news
Supporting Ukraine
I see more support for Ukraine than Russia so I’m happy about that
Varying. I follow both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian accounts to see both sides of the coin.
Usually the ones supporting Ukraine
Most are supporting Ukraine.
Supporting Ukraine and hating russians as it should be
Support for Ukraine
Everybody supports Ukraine.
Mostly I see the ones in support of Ukraine
Conflicts resolved
Facebook or instagram dont show me information about that anymore.