Stereotype gender roles: why did society need them and does it need them now?

Hello! I am Rūta Budvytytė, a second year New Media Language student in Kaunas University of Technologies. I am doing a research on topic "Stereotype gender roles: why did society need them and does it need them now?". The objective of the survey is to find out do society uses stereotypical gender roles nowadays, most importantly do they need it. I would like to invite you to do this research if you are older than 13 years old. The survey is anonymous. If you would like to contact me through email: [email protected]

Thank you for participating!

What is your age?Required to answer
To which gender identity do you most identify?Required to answer
What is your nationality?
Do you believe in following traditional gender roles? (E.g. Men are the breadwinners and women are housewives and it can't be other way around)
Do you think children should be raised upon gender roles? (E.g. Not allowing boys to take ballet and not allowing girls to play 'manly' sports, along with raising girls to care for their husbands needs while they are the breadwinners etc.)
Do you think there should be an absolute gender equality?
Do you think you live in stereotypical gender role family?
If you think you live in the stereotypical gender role family what are the roles in the family for women/men?
Do our society needs stereotypical gender roles? Why? Why not?
What do you think. Do homosexuals/transgender people use gender roles in their families?
Please give your feedback on this questionnaire