Students union in CETT


We are Tourism students at the UB CETT campus, interested in creating a Student Union at CETT. We would like to gather information from many different types of students on campus in order to create the best possible Student Union for you. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

10. Are you satisfied with the information provided by the secretary?
I think that the Intranet system is not properly managed by the secretary department. If you have any doubt they would firstly say: you have all the information in the Intranet, thus finishing the request.
No, I would like better information of EVERYTHING
No, they start working very late (10am I think) and sometimes they don't have the information you're asking for
Secretary lately is not been doing a good job. Rude people working there and inabillity to speak English in a tourism university (nonsense).
No, I would appreciate more emails being sent in English
Nothing at all. They don't provide any kind of information during the year.