study habits research tool .SYPBBsc ,'A'group

Dear participants,

The purpose of this study is to assess the knowledge and attitude of the students about study habits. This study is been conducted by second year Post Basic Bsc students research group 'A'. 


You can click on the answers you choose.Do not write your name on the questionnaire. Your responses will be anonymous and will never be link to you personally.

Thank you for your participation and coorperation. 

1.Do you read the lesson taught daily?
2.Do you refer different authers books while studying?
3.How many times you read a thing to remember it?
4.Do you use different techniques to increase your memory capacities?
5.Do you focus on teachers teaching while in the classroom?
6.Do you concentrate fully on topic while studying?
7.Do you get distracted while studying?
8.Can you focus on one topic?
9.Did you prefer to concentrate on topic of your choice?
10.Do you take time to concentrate on what you do not like?
11.Do the ups and downs affects your study concentration?
12.Do you prefer to seat in one place and study ?
13.Do you like perticular environment to get more concentration?
14.Do you commmunicate with others while studying in group?
15.Do you feel shy while communicating with teachers?
16.Do you interact with other group members while doing group study?
17.Do you feel any difficulty about your communication skill?
18.Do you refer different languages while communicating ?
19.Do you feel confident while communicating with others?
20.Do you start studying well in advance before the exams?
21.As the exams draws closer,does your sress level increase?
22.Does your study habits affects your results?
23.Do you take help of others for the test preparations?
24.Do you prefer to study with others?
25.How often you make the study habits?
26.Do you study with the schedule you create?
27.when you are writing disorganized ,do you highlights the main points?
28.Can you able to complete exam paper on time?
29.Are you using any methods to improve your writing skills?
30.Is your hand writing is legible to others?
31.Is your writing skills affects your results?
32.Do you do time management while studying?
33.Do you have any obstacles while doing time management?
34.Do you study according to time management ?
35.According to time management ,your tasks are completed or not?
36.Do you use time table while studying?
37.Does time management is benificial for exam?
38.Do you take help of others for study during exams?
39.Do you use library for study?
40.Do you refer newspaper for study purpose?