Survey of Discovery for Maritime History Seminar

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Canaveral Lighthouse
Ponce de Leon 1513 landing
16th and 17th explorers including Pedro Menendez
The 1715 Treasure Fleet
Pirate activity, Master John Hawkins, Henry Jennings
Last Naval Battle of the American Revolution: Alliance vs Sybil
Naval Battles close to the Cape excluding Alliance
German U-Boats off the Cape; Operation Drumbeat
The plans and building of Port Canaveral 19th to 20th century.
Maritime shipping
Celebrations from Port Canaveral
Ships that visited: QE2,
VIP visits including Presidential visits
Modern navy including Trident Submarines
Shipwrecks and Salvage Operations: Including Liberty Bell,
Port Canaveral and the Space Industry
Industrial use; Tropicana, Aggregate, etc
Gaming Industry: Gambling ships
Fishing both industrial and recreation
Surfing and recreation
Vintage vessels; steamboats,tall ships, replicas
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