Survey on innovations in museum exhibitions

Dear survey participants,

I am MSc in Innovation Management and Technology at Klaipeda University (Lithuania). My master's thesis covers the field of innovation in museums' expositions. By agreeing to fill out this questionnaire, you are participating in an anonymous survey that seeks to investigate whether innovations and what innovations as other measures at museums' expositions would encourage the attendance of museums. Thank you for your time.

You are from:
Your age:
You are:
Your education:
You are:
How often (average) do you visit museums?
For how long (average) do you stay in museum during one visit?
Your priority is:
What is the most attractive element of the set below in the museum expositions?
How do you onderstand innovations in museum expositions? You can choose more than one option.
Evaluate statements of importance from 1 to 5 (1 - not important, 5 - very important). Goal of museum visiting:
Meaningful leasure time
To achieve knowledge
Interesting and attractive exposition
Recommendations of friends
Evaluate statements of impertance from 1 to 5 (1 - not inportant, 5 - very important). How important in museum is?
Museum location
Museum popularity
Feedback in the media
Feedback in the social media
Qualified museum personnel
Interesting and attractive expositions
Interesting exterior and interior of the building
Interesting workshops
Modern technologies and the number of it
Video/photo installations
Price and services ratio
Sensory opportunities (touch, hear)
Design of expositions
Lots of text materials
You give innovation priority in museum expositions for:
What do you think should be the museum's expositions?
What innovations in museum exhibitions would encourage you to visit the museum more than once a month? You can choose more than one option.