Teachers JŪRATĖ

Directions:  The statements below are designed to find out more about your work in class. Please answer all the statements

Rating scale from 1-5

1= totally disagree

3= neither agree nor disagree

5 = fully agree


NOTE Please remember that completing this form is voluntary

Your group number
How many modules have you completed to date?Required to answer
Your work with JūratėRequired to answer
1= totally disagree2= slightly disagree3= neither agree nor disagree4= agree5 = fully agree
1. Jūratė appears well prepared for lessons.
2. Jūratė is professional in her manner of addressing the class.
3. Jūratė appears as a competent instructor.
4. Jūratė asks questions and looks at my work to see if I understand what has been taught.
5. Jūratė creates an encouraging and inclusive atmosphere in the classroom.
6. The class work with Jūratė is structured.
7. Jūratė returns tasks after checking, as agreed.
8. Jūratė makes class work interesting.
9. The class work with Jūratė is not stressful and hard.
10. I think we could work harder with Jūratė.
It would make my learning even greater if we had less/more of: / if Jūratė focused more/less on:Required to answer
Are there other important points Jūratė should consider? Please, give her more detailed feedback and/or comment