The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

Hello, my name is Greta and I'm doing a survey about The Sims community communication on twitter and how The Sims gained their popularity. 

The purpose is to study the tactics, algorythms, coomunication between creators and their fans and how people feel being in The Sims community. 

This survey is anonymous and not obligatory, however your answers would help a lot in achieving the results for this study. You can see the results once the survey is submitted, but all personal information will be kept confidential. 

If you decide to fill this survey out it will be appreciated and if you have any questions you can contact me on: [email protected]

What is your opinion on The Sims Community on Twitter? (Do think it is wholesome? Or hateful? Can people express their opinion without being afraid of judgement?)
Wholesome and really funny sometimes
I don't use Twitter, but the community that engages with the official Sims Facebook account feel very strongly about something and if you disagree with them, then they treat you like you're an idiot.
I think that generally across most platforms the Sims community is overwhelmingly positive! People support each others builds and are really engaged. I think the only times the media can become negative is in response to EA updates or fixes.
I could say sometimes is pretty wholesome, but I've found pretty hateful people in there as well.
Very negative from tome to time. People always complain about the games as if they are forced to play it.
Mostly pretty judgemental, especially toward The Sims team.
I think there’s good and bad - much like any online community. But I feel it can sometimes feel a little mob-mentality and even get a bit aggressive sometimes, obviously depending on the situation. I feel discussion can often get political and people do feel strongly about political issues so the above kind of makes sense.
It has been mostly wholesome from what I have seen, but all communities have a little hate and discourse here and there.
For the most part it's pretty accepting but there a few people who were VERY upset with the new pronoun update, and that was pretty telling.
Wholesome but sometimes it is hard to join conversations. Also there tend to be quite strong opinions which are shared between everyone (eg. hate for Strangerville) and I wouldn't express it if i disagreed!
I feel like the sims community on twitter has its good and bad. I have seen some creators experience a lot of lash back for expressing certain opinions. I feel that most opinions can be expressed without judgement but theres always going to be people that disagree.
It's great, no judgement and honest advice and/or opinions
On the whole, I think it's a decent place to express your opinion. You may run across a few hateful or mean people but I don't believe that's the norm.
No opinion
I think often the Sims Community holds higher expectations than are realistic (based on experience of what we have gotten from the Sims team already)
It's very judgemental and biased toward left politics.
I think it’d great!
Honestly it's full of hateful leftists that state they're tolerant yet if they see you have a different opinion that doesn't align with their ideologies they become evil, name call, call for immediate bans etc. They are nowhere near wholesome. Just watch one of Lilsimsies lives and you will see how intolerant she and others really are. Talk about true bigots.
There can be some hateful or judging people in the sims community-but there’s a lot of hate in the USA about everything. I think whenever the sims team announces anything, the community isn’t happy, they’re never satisfied, they always more.
Generally wholesome, I love seeing other people's builds and character creation but it can feel a bit elitist sometimes.
There will always be disagreements, communication issues and general friction in any community due to the nature of having different personalities and opinions congregated to discuss one topic. It is generally wholesome, and people can express their opinion with little fear of judgement beyond what is natural in any discussion forum.
I'm not on Twitter but based on what I've seen on other platforms, the Sims community is largely a creative, fun-loving community. Like any community, there are some people who take the game incredibly seriously and will lash out at others who may not see the game so positively, and there are some players who always have something bad to say but keep playing nonetheless, making none of us take them that seriously.
My experience is pretty good but I know a lot of my opinions are quite popular. I get most bothered by it when the Sims team addresses one thing (e.g. Goths refresh, pronouns update) and people complain "why that thing that brings diversity and not [thing from previous game]?". It's fun when it's memes, it's not fun when it's about opinions about development from people who aren't game developers.
Every platform has its bad eggs but generally the sims community is wholesome, helpful, and fun
Wholesome I guess. I really only look at the designs. I haven't seen anything hateful.
Of course every community has hateful and toxic people, but personally I find the sims community to be very wholesome and kind. All of the sims influencers on social media are very inclusive, openminded and kind to one another. A few bad apples are always present but most of the community is very non-judgemental and certainly if you compare it to other videogame or movie communities.
Very supportive and creative
I'm not big into the community on Twitter, but I think it's like every other social media. There's going to be people who are there just for the community and people who are helpful and post the news about the game and there's people who are just there to complain and be negative.
I don't use twitter.
People express their opinion freely
I think that sometimes people's opinions get shunned if they don't think the same as the masses. It can be a positive place, but unless you follow the same train of thought as others, your opinions don't matter.
Helpful… if I ever need something they have my back.
Love The Sims Community on all platforms thought personally I find that I end up seeing very similar posts again again on Twitter whereas on platforms such as Facebook I have more variety of posts to look at.
Posting your opinion anywhere opens you up to jidgement in my opinion, especially on a platform like Twitter. I would say Facebook is much more wholesome and safe for simmers than Twitter is.
Neutral - some people take it too seriously others make jokes and post lighthearted stuff
I think that people can express their opinion without major judgement UNLESS the opinion is extremely controversial (i.e. people complaining about the new Sims update with different pronouns).
It can be really extreme. People tend to have a this or that, my way or no way kind of attitude. It is entertaining though.
People like to spout off with their opinions thinking they’re unpopular, but in fact aren’t.
I don't use Twitter
No idea
I think people can express their opinions, but obviously you should not be afraid of little judgment or criticism
For the most part it is wholesome but recently there has been a lot of hate when it comes to opinions. People are always arguing about kits and what updates should happen
Dont use twitter
I see a lot of judgement and fighting but I only look at the main Sims account and responses on there.
I don’t have an opinion as I don’t use Twitter
it's just a part of the community. hence only one side of the story, be those opinions, judgement, critiques, etc.
It can be hateful towards EA developers, since newest patches or game releases do not represent the community’s desire for the game. E.g. there was a Star Wars themed release when community was asking for more certain interactions between the sims, similar to sims 3 game.
Never came across it
Don't know
It depends. I just don’t anymore because no matter what it is I get attacked. I don’t think my thoughts have ever been hateful. I once said that EA said they were not going to do any repeats from sims 3. With emojis (😭😭😭) I said that in a post because it made me sad and I was so brutally attacked that I deleted my account.
It’s alright
I don't use Twitter for The Sims Community but I know twitter can be a toxic place with the Sims community.
I believe it’s wholesome, people connecting on a topic they relate to and share ideas, share what they’ve created