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Use of dental floss

According to M. Soledad Cepeda (2017) and Vikram Arora (2014) good oral hygiene practices are widely considered important to maintain good oral health. Evidence based articles show that in general, most of the individuals remove only around 50% of the plaque from their teeth even when brushing for two minutes. This is why flossing has long been considered an indispensable part of the oral hygiene routine, indeed using it can help people control interproximal biofilm formation, remove plaque and prevent its accumulation. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), 80% of the plaque can be removed by this method.

What is your gender?
Do you use dental floss?
Do you know how to use dental floss?
Did anyone recommend you to use dental floss?
Who recommended you to use dental floss?
Did your dentist/hygienist explain how to use dental floss to you?
What type of dental floss do you use?
When do you use dental floss?
How often do you floss your teeth?
On a scale of 1 to 5 how difficult do you find using dental floss? (1 being very easy and 5 being very difficult)
Why is flossing important?
Dental floss is prescribed for?
Dental floss should be used once daily
The use of dental floss could injure interdental gingiva
The use of dental floss causes gingival bleeding
Dental floss can be reused after rinsing with water
Dental floss shouldn't be used in sites with proximal restoration/crown and bridges

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