VirTec - form for students of non-construction speciality

Dear responder,
The purpose of this questionnaire is to explore your interest in educational material of the virtual house simulator

To use the simulator, you can scroll to zoom in-out or move the mouse while holding the left key for turns.  Other functions of the simulator are on the screen. 

Try - it's cool!
The answers are anonymous and filling in the questionnaire will take about 10-15 minutes.
If your rating is very low in some aspects ( “Do not agree at all”), please be sure to add an explanation or suggestion in the comments field.
Thank you!

1. Using a home simulator would be useful for studying the subject of engineering graphicsRequired to answer
2. Which functions of the simulator would you consider important in increasing the efficiency of your study?Required to answer
3. For which topics of engineering graphics will the use of the simulator be especially important (evaluation is assessed on a 5-point scale, with 5 -very useful and 0- not at all useful)?
Parts of a house constructions
Ground floor plane of a house
Plan of roof of a house
A house cuts
A house views
Location of furniture in a house
Set up of a house drawings
4. Please evaluate the impact of using the simulator to improve your professional knowledge in the following areas:Required to answer
functionality (using a simulator improves understanding of terminology and conventions)
reliability (consolidation of acquired knowledge)
speed of work (training in a game form)
ease of use (accessible design of educational material)
control of acquired knowledge (availability)
the possibility of using the simulator for your future specialization
introduction to building technologies
development of outlook
Your suggestions and comments