What's most important to you?

NHS West Lancashire CCG is working on its plans for the next five years and would like to hear from you.  As part of this, the Better Care Fund is a fund worth £3.8bn to support health and social care services to work more closely together.  The local health commissioners and local clinicians at the CCG now need to plan how they can use this fund to benefit the people of West Lancashire.

The aims at the moment are as below but we would like to know your views and level of support for these. Please rate them in priority order from 1 (least important to you) to 5 (most important)Required to answer
More education on health and more self-management of your own needs
More involvement in creating a personal care plan that suits your own health/social care needs
More care for you as a result of professionals and voluntary agencies working better together
Deliver care in, or close to, home
More focus on prevention and wellbeing