Women beauty in China

Hello, I' am Indre Piliponyte, East Asian languages and culture student from Lithuania. Now I' am writing my final thesis about conception of women beauty in China and Lithuania. 

The aim of this surrvey is to find out chinese people opinion about what is beautiful women.  The results of this surrvey will be compared with lithuanians opinion and will show difference between lithuanians and chinese people opinion. Answering most of the questions you can choose multiple options or write your own opinion. Questions from 25 to 29 is specifically just for women. Thank you for your time and opinion! 

The surrvey is  anonymous and will not be used publicly. 

4. What kind of lipstick looks best on women?
I think lipsticks should be suit for the color of women's skin
whatever suits them
adapt to people themselves
We usually deem that red lipstick more suit for the one who looks white woman. If you don't have white skin, bright lipstick more suit for you.
Slightly pink
i prefer bitght pink,but it depends on the color of skin
bright color for young women(under 24 maybe), red for some official occasions, a bit dark color for elder women. (these are not absolute age, just different ages will have different beauty in different colors)
Normally I like natural lips but red is a good choice for some events
Natural and suitable lipstick.
Maybe some shallow lipstick is good.
red,nude and natural
natural or light color
Light colors are okay
every color is Ok,if you are special!
any color but looks soft
Depends on the skin
some makeup help woman be beautiful,so i am not sure about this question
Depends on skin color
Red ,pink and orange