Women beauty in China

Hello, I' am Indre Piliponyte, East Asian languages and culture student from Lithuania. Now I' am writing my final thesis about conception of women beauty in China and Lithuania. 

The aim of this surrvey is to find out chinese people opinion about what is beautiful women.  The results of this surrvey will be compared with lithuanians opinion and will show difference between lithuanians and chinese people opinion. Answering most of the questions you can choose multiple options or write your own opinion. Questions from 25 to 29 is specifically just for women. Thank you for your time and opinion! 

The surrvey is  anonymous and will not be used publicly. 

18. Write down one Chinese and one foreign famous women, who you think could be beauty icon.
Bingbing Fan and Kristen Stewart
foreign:Brigitte Bardot Chinese:in fact she is Japanese,but both of us are east Asian 新垣结衣Aragaki Yui
Angelababy, Audrey Hepburn
张静初, Céline Dion
zhangziyi nicloe kidman
natalie portman
Fan Bingbing Audrey Hepburn
Fan Bingbing Emma Watson
liu xi jun talor swift
Scarlett Johasson
Fan bing bing/ Shakira
Tingwei Meng, singer in Taiwan Kate Winslet
Gao Yuanyuan
Taylor swift the us fan bing bing in China
Too many, I will say Gao Yuanyuan.
Lin Zhiling , Audrey Hepburn
Chinese, Gao Yunayuna Foreigner, Wakatsuki yuumi
i don know
张梓琳 Anne Hathaway
Yifei Liu. Evan Green.
Liu Wen
Zhang Ziyi; Scarlette Johnson
Chinese: Angelababy Foreign: Miranda Kerr
Zhang Ziyi, Monica Bellucci
Jessica Alba Chinese women : 陈乔恩(Joe Chen)
Chinese woman: 袁姗姗 Foreigner woman: Emma Watson
:Crystal Liu
Liu Yifei(刘亦菲);Jennifer Aniston
Fan Bingbing and Ivanka Trump I think Fan Bingbing could be beauty icon. Though she isn't very tall as Ivanka but her skin is more pale and her body is wonderful. Her face is oval.
Sophie Marceau
Chinese: Diana Wang Foreign: Emma Watson
Fan Bingbing (China) emma(foreign)
Gao Yuanyuan; Miranda kerr
范冰冰( Fan Bingbing ) Anne Hathaway
Zhang Ziyi Sophie Marceau
angel baby , lucy wilde
Yang Mi Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr
刘亦菲 Emma watson
Miranda Kerr、章子怡
Angelababy Avril Lavigne
Zhang Ziyi Emma Waterson
Liu Yifei(chinsese), Lana Del Rey(foreign)
Dilraba and Scarlett Johansson
唐嫣 and taylor swift*_*
Tang Wei & Rihanna
Hong Chen and Kat Dennings.
chinese: fan bingbing foreign:miranda kerr
Liu Shishi
Yang lan
Agelababy(China) Gigi Hadi(America)
Chinese----Lin Chi-ling Foreign----Rose Leslie
范冰冰 Emma Waston
chinese:迪丽热巴 Foreigner: Victoria Beckham
Maggie& Angelina
Chinese: Angelababy Foreign: Natalie Portman
Olivia Hussey, Gao Yuanyuan
Gong Li Lily Collins
chinese:Mi Yang(杨幂) foreign:Jessica Alba
Chinese: GaoYuanyuan(高圆圆) Foreign: Anne Hathaway
Li Ruo Tong
Liu Yifei, Audrey Hepburn
Fan Bingbing Marilyn Monroe
GUO BI TING(郭碧婷) Miranda Kerr
Li ruotong (李若彤) Scarlet Johnson
LIU Yifei, Emma wolston
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Joey Wong
李嘉欣Li jia xin Anne Hathaway
Gao Yuan Yuan 高圆圆 Kristen Stewart
Chinese Angelababy foreign Taylor Swift
Liu wen a Chinese model Ko joon hee a Korean model
I haven't met.
Lin Qingxia
I don't know I don't know
Chinese: Liu Yifei foreigh: Emma Watson
Chinese: Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 foreign: Anne Hathaway
Theresa May
Chinese: Angelababy Foreigner: Angelina Jolie
刘亦菲,Taylor Swift
Bingbing Fan. Scarlett Johansson.
Shu Qi
刘亦菲 Anne Hathaway
Emma Watson Chen Yihan
Blake lively
For foreign Beyonce, Chinese unfortunately have no idea
刘亦菲(Liu Yi Fei),Kendall Jenner
古力娜扎(Gulnazar);Synnøve Macody Lund
李嘉欣 kate blanchett
刘亦菲 Christian Ditter
Chinese: Angelababy foreign women:Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil)
Bingbing Fan,Taylor Swift
Liuwen,a super model emma they are both beautiful
it's too difficult... the foreign one is Sophie Marceau. the Chinese one is...the role"Zhao Min" played by Zhang Min. if you can't find out the pictures of her, I can send you.
Chris Lee (李宇春) Emma Watson
林心如, Gianna Jun
王珞丹 Audrey Hepburn
Jennifer Lawrence /高圆圆 (gao yuan yuan)
Bing Bing Fan & Taylor Swift
liu yifei, angelia jolie
朱茵Athena Chu and Marilyn Monroe
Gao Yuanyuan Jessica Alba
王祖贤 Natalie Portman
朱茵 Krystal
Nataly Portman
ehhhhhhhh...There aren't...because i think every stars has different beauties,but i can tell one Chinese female star i really don't like,her name is 杨幂
Chinese: Zhou Xuan. American Audrey Hepburn
刘亦菲 爱玛.沃特森
Zhang Ziyi Miranda Kerr
Yifei Liu Lily Collins
Angelina Jolie Angela baby
Chinese : 张曼玉 foreign : Sophie Marceau
朱茵(Athena chu) Nicole kidman
Li Bing Bing Meghan Markle
Chinese actress Ni Ni Indian TV host Padma Lakshmi
Chinese: Angelababy Foreign: Lily Collins
赵薇、Anne, Hathaway
Michelle Kwan