Women beauty in China

Hello, I' am Indre Piliponyte, East Asian languages and culture student from Lithuania. Now I' am writing my final thesis about conception of women beauty in China and Lithuania. 

The aim of this surrvey is to find out chinese people opinion about what is beautiful women.  The results of this surrvey will be compared with lithuanians opinion and will show difference between lithuanians and chinese people opinion. Answering most of the questions you can choose multiple options or write your own opinion. Questions from 25 to 29 is specifically just for women. Thank you for your time and opinion! 

The surrvey is  anonymous and will not be used publicly. 

23. In your opinion, what it is beautiful women?
big eyes,long eyelashes,small mouth,long and straight legs , slim figure
Confident, cute, kind and smiling women
sunshine character
a graceful and humane women
who is fit , healthy ,and live a self-discipline life ,have at least one interest like reading
positive, energetic and with healthy shape
Big eyes Being mild and positive
Look fresh and energetic
elegant woman
Beautiful women have beautiful minds . Kind , unpretentious , and nice to people .
looks beautiful , if with a good heart, that is would be perfect.
I think white people are more beautiful than yellow people, and yellow people are more beautiful than black people, in average.
figure long and slim ,beautiful face ( nice skin, big eyes...), elegant,good temperament,clever
Independent, thoughtful, polite, she could be cool or lovely, and the same time maintain a sense of elegance.
nature is beautiful
Confident, elegant, nice looking,educated
From inside to outside.
Elegant, tidy, clean
I believe this question meant to ask what makes a woman beautiful. For me there're three factors to be considered: physical appearance, intellectual life and temperament.
I don't understand this question.
I think beautiful isn't everything 😊as long as she has a beauty heart ❤️
Makes me feel natural and has a white skin
A good looking womon with suitable clothes and a quality fits eyes also has a broaded mind who is quiet and really like reading.
Medium height Oval face Big eyes Thin
Everytime your talk or stay with her, it relaxes yourself and enjoy her beauty totally.
It doesn't really depend on the look. If a woman's look is okay, and she is a nice human being, I'd say she is a beautiful woman. Beauty does not only come from the outside, it also comes from the within.
both beautiful outside and inside.the way she walks, talks is also important.
Look cute meanwhile sexy, love laugh, have the intelligent mind and high sense of humor.
A woman with confidence is beautiful.
psychologically and physically healthy . self-respect
A woman who is warm-hearted,confident,easy going,grateful and with a charming smile
kind hearted
looks like Miranda Kerr
Clean teeth with Smile, either sexy curvy body or jeans cute girl who has white skin, big eyes. Not fat
good sense,good shape,good inner
Women who have their own distinct temperaments.
long hair and big eyes roman nose and a lean figure
Kindly, true, strong, optimistic, smile,natural girl is the most beautiful.
who has personal charisma,and a warm smile.optimistic and confident
Elegant and knowledgeable.
Elegant, have long hair, nice body and awesome fashion taste.
white skin,tall and thin legs,big eyes
Healthy and kind
someone could make my heart speed faster
it's more about the personality not just appearance
they can make our lives beautiful and pleasing
Independent, confident and has pride.
1.Has beauty, intelligence, class and depth. 2.Don't depend on males.(independent). 3.Sweet smiling,god temper,has dreams,optimistic.
There is not decisive factor, I think beautiful women should be graceful, good shape, outlook, and kind, always bring smile.
Warm and cheerful,considerate of others.
Good look,good figure,good personality.much confident.
beautiful face with a kind heart.
good personality, kind heart
better go without make up, I think without make up is more beautiful and clean, long curl hair and deep set eyes, good life and social habits
the women who are beautiful both from the outsides and the insides. Knowledgable + graceful.
Look natural, heathy, with beautiful eyes and body
the beautiful is from heart.
Have a charming face.
Nice look and a good heart.
good shape, well-knowledge, pretty face such as big eyes, straight nose, small face
natural women
With a gentle spirit
Depends. Different beautiful women have their beautiful parts.
A woman who is warm-hearted, nice and kind. Inner beauty is far way more important than outside
the eyes in high spirit have nice smile and elegant behavior.
Who is confident.
confident ,healthy,often smile,kind
I think the personalities is more important than the appearance, so kind, friendly and honest women are beautiful.
Tall blonde, athletic
confident and decent
Confident,They each have their own style,nice skin,bright eyes,heathy
great shape and nice taste in clothing
the woman who is confident and like to smile a lot
Beautiful appearance, kind-hearted.
big eyes,nice face.perfect shape
who has her own aesthetic standard. who is sparkle. who has her own temperament...
Temperament,talent,pretty and good manner
Very healthy, tidy and athletic, it doesn't need to put thick and too much make-up. Natural beauty from the best.
healthy ,confident with independent characters
Looks sweet while smiling
wise and rational, inner beauty.
delicate facial features, temperament of the sun, straight nose, easy to get along with ,warm smile,big eyes
confident, knows what her style is. my strandards of good appearence: slight muscles, have little bit of booty, better to have some breast too
big eyes,tall,thin
natural beauty is the best beauty.
Natural beauty
Balance of facial features, clean skin, healthy hair
Confident woman is beautiful
Confident , know that they really want and need
Health,self-confidence ,elegance,happy
Elegent Sporty Independent Fair Kind Honest Brave
Confidence, awareness of her own type of appearance and which style suits her, and a feminine yet independent demeanour
Beautiful both inside and outside
A woman with temperament and self-confidence is the most beautiful
All woman