Write Description Essay Using Imaginative Skills

Writing description essay is an excellent creative exercise

Description essay writing involves observation powers of the students, while they create the paper like an artist, who is painting his imagination on canvas. Hence, students should use their innovative and imaginative skills to write about their experience that would make readers feel it, while looking at it through the writer’s perspective.

However, there are many types of descriptive essays, which involve writing on a given personality, an event, episode or experience, a tourist attraction, a place or an object. Accordingly, each type of description requires students using different set of skills to explain the features of the object that particularly would apply to its characteristics. For example, if students are given an assignment for describing the famous play” Romeo and Juliet”, then they need describing the personality of its author, Shakespeare, while discussing about his other masterpieces. Hence, they need demonstrating their best writing skills in this essay.

Similarly, describing features of a holiday resort would require students using their observatory skills for explaining the attributes like, sightseeing and accommodation facilities, available at the particular location. Hence, the contents of the description essay would depend on the assigned topic. However, students, if given a choice, should write an essay on their favorite topic, while they need having sufficient knowledge on the issues relevant to it.

However, the following guidelines would assist students in writing their paper, in an excellent manner. In addition, they should also look at the additional available material that could help them describing the particular object.

Explain your reason for choosing a specific topic

As students might have reason to describe a particular object, they can modify it to create a thesis statement. Therefore, they need mentioning about their penchant to describe certain object, while giving their own opinion about it as a solution to the any prevailing topic question. For example if students are describing their own family experience, particularly the behavior of grandmother towards younger women of the household, they could provide explanatory details on such behavior. This could include their conservative viewpoint with regard to modern issues like dress code, as younger females in the household would have different perception on such issues. Accordingly, this type of essay would require diagnostic analysis of the experiences to understand the reasons behind such observation.

Students could go through a description essay to learn in detail about the techniques involved in writing such type of essays.

Describing an experience

Students must understand the difference between narrating a certain episode and feeling it. Similarly, they must know that telling and showing are two different things. For example, if they are writing about a particular experience, which has left them tired and exhausted, they may describe it in more than two or tree sentences, instead of just writing, “I am tired” or "help me write my essay". Just joking. In any case this would include showing readers, how they could not walk straight, slumped into the armchair, had no strength to feel their apatite, and finally the way their eyelids became heavier, while they went to sleep, in an unconscious state.

Nevertheless, students could look at custom dssays for getting additional hints on writing a good description essay.

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