Essays on Self-Mutilation


Self-mutilation, also known as self-harm or self-injury, is the act of intentionally damaging and destroying one's own body tissue but without the intention of committing suicide. Essays on self-mutilation examine this severe emotional disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, the damage it causes and treatment.

Much like teen suicide essays, essays on eating disorders and essays on prescription drug abuse, essays on self-mutilation look into forms of self-harm and their consequences.  Reliable sources on self-mutilation as well as examples of essays on self-mutilation from essay editing service can help provide the factual and accurate data you will require in order to write essays on self-mutilation.

Essays on self-mutilation should first make it clear that this act is not an attempt at suicide even though the physical damage caused by self-mutilation can often be life-threatening.  It should also be made clear in essays on self-mutilation that eating disorders and drug abuse are not considered forms of self-mutilation because the purpose of these acts, while physically damaging and can unintentionally result in damaged tissue, is not to specifically harm body tissue as is the case with self-mutilation. The segment of the population where self-mutilation is most frequently observed should also be noted in essays on self-mutilation.  Most typically, people who self-mutilate are female adolescents or young adults.   Often, people who self-harm also suffer from other personality disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorder.  This connection should also be mentioned in essays on self-mutilation. Essays on self-mutilation should also list some of the warning signs of self-injury such as unexplained and frequent burns and cuts, hair pulling, picking at the skin and eye pressing.  Some of the treatment options available such as therapy, medication, and even online self-help sites should also be described in essays on self-mutilation.


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